Brand Identity

Cornish Lime where set to launch a new mortar range for the retail market. Most of their products are specifically for the trade, but the with the growth in the DIY restoration market, they saw an opportunity to expand the business.

Our first task was to coming up for a name for the new arm of the business. Cornerstone seemed like a great name to reflect both Cornish Limes pedigree and the simple purpose of the product, to help restore and maintain the buildings condition.

Next we looked at the brand identity. We designed a simple box motif that can be used as a separate and a bespoke logotype that has spaces that intersect the letters to represent  the mortar between bricks.

They have rolled out their new brand and product range and are going from strength to strength.

Naming, Brand Identity


"Hush Creative did an outstanding job with the refresh of our corporate branding and positioning, and were instrumental in creating an entirely new brand for the launch of our range of ready mixed products.Where most agencies promise the earth then deliver something you could have probably done yourself, Hush Creative gave us everything we asked for and more. They are professional, effective, competent and a pleasure to work with."

Sean Sharman, Production Manager Cornish Lime