We were asked to create a new brand name and identity for the scooping arm of the lovely people at Treleavens Luxury Cornish Ice Cream. We wanted to capture the romance of ice cream at the seaside and the care free advertising era of the 1950’s was our inspiration. We created a lozenge mark that felt perfectly at home and the Scooperlicous strapline to add that extra little bit of rock and roll. We then created a character to support the brand through touch-points, point of sale, exteriors and livery. And so Buster Cornwall was bought to life.

Naming, Strapline, Brand Identity, Branding, Illustration, POS

"When we initially started working with Hush, along with the Treleavens re-brand, they rationalise our brand architecture and core offering and after some consultancy, suggested that we separate out the scooping side of the business and proposed a sub-brand, Cornish Scoop. It was then decided to focus Treleavens Luxury Cornish Ice Cream on the existing restaurant fulfilment and our new line of retails pots. Along with the name, they also created a 1950's boy to represent the brand which has it's inspiration from that era. The solution, has worked perfectly and has helped us to be more selective with our Treleavens brand".

Mark Chrusciak, Managing Director Cornish Scoop Ice Cream Co.