Packaging & Book Design

Howard Jones had been touring his interactive show Engage, which used video projected onto a translucent silk screen that covered the stage. Each song had it’s own video and throughout the show, the audience were encouraged to participate with the performance, using fluorescent gloves and face paint, an app that ticket taped messages on your phone, along with fun interaction throughout. Having worked with Howard for over 20 years, we are always excited to work on a new project where we can challenge what is possible and even push boundaries.

Working with the graphics and video already produced we were tasked to create a limited edition book of 500, that translated Engage the show. Our concept was to create an interactive task for each of the seven performances. Track One has a Kaleidocycle, Track Two used liquid crystal ink, Track Three, a Scanimation, Track Four, a Zeotrope, Track Five, a Thaumatrope, Track Six, a 3D image and Track Seven, a Kaleidoscope and Lenticular image. If you’d like to know about the tasks please click here to download the project pdf. 

All together we spent over 2 hours on each book, hand debossing, assembling, constructing and packaging, with the scanimation taking a hour alone to create. To say it consumed the studio and our lives is an understatement. We can’t bring ourselves to give accurate time for the project, but with 500 books individually made by hand, you can do the maths!

Book Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Illustration, Hand Assembly and Finishing, Project Management


Howard Jones, Recording Artist Dtox Records