I asked Hush Creative to come up with a ground breaking design for the Ordinary Heroes album which would be like a piece of art in its own right. In this age of downloads and pretty much no artwork at all, I still believe that people crave a package that they can enjoy for many years,  and have something that reflects the spirit of the times. Their creative director, Ian has often shown me hand made pieces that he has made through the years I have known him, and he even made me an exquisite model grand piano for my birthday. I wanted to encourage the craftsman aspect of his work and also the idea that each pack would be unique in some way. Now we have the finished project it has more than lived up to my expectations. The pack contains 10 pieces of original artwork that relate to the songs in a thought provoking way. Ian likes to have a copy of the music to bounce off and absorb and having done this I feel he really has captured the “handmade” spirit of this record with a stand alone piece of art that complements the music exquisitely.

Howard Jones, Recording Artist Dtox Records