Brand Identity

Tracey our MD bumped into Amanda Barlow by chance and got talking about what we do here at Hush Creative. By coincidence, Amanda was about to tender a re-brand and the rest is history as they say.

We worked closely with Amanda and her team over several months and got a real insight into Amanda as a person and what Spiezia Organics really stood for.

Our final motif design in its purest form, is the intertwined initials of Spieza Organics, but on a conceptual level, it represents the holistic connection between the actual products and the brands beliefs. With a wink to yin and yang which represents how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary – giving balance to the world, with the leaves and shoots representing the natural, organic element.

Now that’s pretty deep for us!

Brand Identity, Motif Design

"We are delighted with the brand identity Hush created for us. The motif is a dynamic brand asset and the rationale they provided gives real credence to the brand and what we stand for."

Amanda Barlow, Spiezia Organics