Brand Identity & Brand Styling

Treleavens have been supplying to Watergate Bay Hotel, Rojano’s in the Square, Padstow, and all of Rick Stein’s eateries in Cornwall for many a year, as well as a host of discerning sea side scooping parlours all over the South West.

This trade focused producer had dipped its toe into the retail tub market, but the brand identity didn’t reflect the restaurant-quality ice cream on offer. So back in September 2014, we begin working with Mark Chrusciak, the lovely man at Treleavens, tasked with creating a brand identity deserving of their highly respected name that had an air of distinction and communicated their ice cream pedigree.

Our final design uses a fleur-de-lis style motif, made up of three ice cream full cones with a beautiful flourish below. We used an elegant Antiqua font and created a simple strap-line, Deliciously Decadent along with a beautiful pastel palette of soft teal green and silver grey or metallic foiled wherever possible.

Brand Identity, Strapline, Brand Styling, Website Design, Packaging Design


"…their eye for detail has been invaluable and they seem to have a bottomless well of ideas and enthusiasm which avoids any chance of them developing a stale ‘house style’. They are hugely efficient and very well organised and has been the driving force behind a lot of our work, keeping me on track and getting things done to very tight timescales…"

 Mark Chrusciak, Managing Director Treleavens Luxury Cornish Ice Cream